The Branded Service Value Chain - Brand Strategy
Clearly, you need BRAND STRATEGY to be distinct, exceptional, and to stand out amidst a massive chorus of competitors in the marketplace. Our critical role is in achieving two things for you: First, to clarify your strategic aspirations, and second, to develop your brand idea and strong brand equity.

Jerome Joseph's Training Program

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(All training program formats are in keynote or 1-3 days workshop.)


Brand Strategy Workshop

From Vision to Evaluation
What should be on my mind when crafting a brand strategy?

A hands-on practical workshop for everyone who wants to develop their brand strategy. Learn about brand positioning, personality, brand DNA, and other strategy tools as we help map your brand in this workshop with focus on Brand Alignment, Execution and ROI.

Cross Cultural Branding
Branding Across Borders
How should I tailor my approach when launching in a different culture?
Prepare to launch your brand to the international market. Find out what you should know to ensure your brand appeals to other cultures. This interactive workshop gives you real life examples and a framework that you can use to do branding with cross-cultural sensitivity.

Brand Discovery Workshop
Creating your Brand Essence
How do I craft my brand vision, values and essence?
A Fast Track program for your key management team. In this facilitated workshop, you’ll critically relook your brand, extract the essence of your brand and build your brand. An educational and informative workshop, this process allows your team to learn from each other and create a sense of belonging to your brand!

Experience Branding
Understanding Brand Trends & Building Experiences For the New customer
How do I ensure the loyalty of new customers?
This workshop will focus on defining and delivering the total brand experience. It explores the holistic approach to brand strategy and examines sensory branding, emotional branding, spiritual branding & community branding which will together create a holistic experience for brands. Case studies and examples will be used together with a number of tools, templates, techniques and models that can be used to bring your brand experience to life.

Brand Boot Camp
Building a Challenger Brand
What is branding?In a nutshell please.

Our intensive, hands-on Boot Camp challenges everything you know about branding. The Boot Camp features our proprietary six-step process to create and manage your brand. This guerrilla-styled workshop will enable you to learn everything you need to know about branding and work on real time branding cases.

Blue Ocean Strategy for Brand
Creating new market space or “Blue Ocean”
How do I bring my brand to the next level?
Join our unique Blue Ocean Strategy workshop that is customized for your brand! With interactive and experiential methods, you will learn to understand the competitive landscape and carefully position your brand in a different light from your competitors. Grab your own market and make your competitors irrelevant.


Brand Innovation

Developing your Brand through Innovation

How do I stay relevant?

Innovation is the key to brand leadership. Learn from case studies and find out ways to continuously rejuvenate and refresh your brand. Be innovative to stay on top of the competition and to be relevant to your audience.

Brand Story Workshop

Creating your brand story to connect with your audience

How do I conceive stories that link my customers to the brand?

This workshop offers you a systematic, step-by-step guide to create a credible brand story. You will, through hands-on exercises, learn and discover how to build an emotional relationship between your brand and your audience through stories.

Brand Market Leadership

Outpacing, Outlasting and Outthinking your Competition

How do I make my brand number 1?

What does it mean to be a leading brand? Why is this important? Learn the answer in the workshop by studying real-life case studies and get key strategies to ensure your brand stays at the top.