Our Brand Consultancy allows organisations to tap into our wealth of experience. We help build brands in the 21st century by creating compeling, authentic and relevant brand experiencesthat will engage people both internally and externally through communication of the brand. In todays competitive economy brands have to perform on their best and continually connect with the audiences. To do so they need a brand story and they need an employees aligned to it.

We have created a whole 6 step brand journey that will take you onto a 360 tour through the brand building process. In this process we will help the organisation to create a highly methodical step by step solution to create a strong brand platform, positioning and an aligned identity for the brand.


Our team researches brand aspirations and renders the blueprint required to map out your customer experience strategy. Through powerful diagnostic tools, we learn to understand your brand.
    This may include:
  • Brand Performa Research- Brand Audit Tool
  • Brand Love Tracker – Consumer Research Tool
  • Brand Inside – Employee and Organisational Research Tool
  • Voice of Customer – Consumer85
  • Brand Scorecard
Knowing what your brand stands for is the hallmark of great brands. Our role is critical to both clarify your strategic aspirations and then to develop this brand idea.
    The following tools will help us:
  • Brand Discovery Workshop
  • Brand Strategy Tool to find the Brand DNA, including:
  • Brand Platform Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Architecture
Creating a consistent and memorable brand identity is an intense, collaborative process and embraces the collective visioning necessary to understand how brand design, narrative, and experience build the foundation for ongoing value deliverability.
    Our artistic work includes:
  • Identity Development
  • Stationary Development
  • Packaging Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Toolkit
You need engaged employees inspired by the brand, which is why we create Brand Champions who live and deliver the brand. Our internal branding process features a mixture of extraordinary workshops and strategy sessions to transform employees into top performers.
    We will help you create:
  • Employee brand guidelines
  • Employee value proposition/ statement
  • Brand Champion Workshop
  • Live the Brand Workshop
  • Managing for On-Brand Workshop
  • Brand leadership for leaders Workshop
  • Employee Brand Communications
Translating brand promises to customer experience and mapping them across key touch points is what you can expect to learn from us. Our experiential and multi-sensory design capability is set up to express the brand idea through brand identity.
    Our work scope covers:
  • Customer Experience Statement
  • Customer's Needs Map
  • Internal and External Touchpoint Management and Alignment
  • Customer Experience Journey/Process
  • Branded Customer Experience Workshop
Great Brands reach out to their customers through strategic use of communications which offers the greatest ROI.
    We may help you to communicate the right thing through:
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Public Relations
  • Experiential Advertising
  • Buzz Campaigns
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Collateral Design