Branded Customer Experience Quiz
Q # 1: Have you designed and implemented the "total customer experience" for your brand?
Q # 2: Does your brand always speak with one voice to your customers?
Q # 3: Is the brand message you deliver consistent through all touch points?
Q # 4: Do you know your customers and their expectations from your brand?
Q # 5: Do you draw upon all of the human senses in creating your branded customer experience?
Q # 6: Do you fully understand how customers experience your product or service when using it? Do you know what emotions it evokes?
Q # 7: Does your brand consistently exceed people's expectations?
Q # 8: Do you incorporate your people, products and processes in creating your total branded customer experience?
Q # 9: Do you know what other brands your customers considered before they bought your brand?
Q # 10: Have you mapped out your customer's journey with your brand?
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