The Internal Brand Alignment Quiz
Q # 1: Can all employees accurately and consistently articulate your brand's essence and promise?
Q # 2: Do your employees reflect the brand or brand values in their work consistently?
Q # 3: Are there brand champions in your organization? Are your employees brand zealots?
Q # 4: Do you have a comprehensive internal brand communication program? And do you conduct training on how to apply your brand in your organization?
Q # 5: Do the CEO and other corporate officers embrace the brand as a key corporate asset that must be built and leveraged?
Q # 6: Has your CEO "internalized" your brand's essence? Does he or she "live" your brand's promise?
Q # 7: Do people in your organization know the difference between brand and marketing?
Q # 8: Do you test employees for their knowledge of the brand essence and promise? Do you regularly ask them what they are doing to deliver against the promise?
Q # 9: Do you offer special recognition for people who successfully further your brand goals?
Q # 10: In recruiting people for jobs in your organization, do you screen people for congruence between their beliefs, values and personality and your brand's essence, promise and personality?
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