The TURN me On Personal Branding Quiz
Q # 1: In relation to your career do you know your most relevant personal attributes that differentiate you from competitors or colleagues?
Q # 2: Do you know what people around you say is your greatest strength?
Q # 3: Have you mapped out your goals for the near and longer future?
Q # 4: Do you have your own website or online platform to showcase who you are and present your brand?
Q # 5: Do you have personal brand identity material like a business card, stationary, a standard e-mail template, that are all aligned to your personality?
Q # 6: Do you communicate regularly with members of your network at meetings, via e-mail or phone calls?
Q # 7: Is your personal appearance consistent with who you are and appropriate for your brand identity?
Q # 8: Do you regularly measure the strength of your personal brand by doing review, feedback sessions or evaluations?
Q # 9: Have you mapped out your brand by defining who you are and how you want to be positioned in the market place?
Q # 10: Can you list the 5 biggest hurdles to promoting and selling yourself?
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