The are you a SUPER STAR Brand Quiz
Q # 1: Do you conduct brand research frequently?
Q # 2: Have you conducted a careful analysis of each of your competitors' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
Q # 3: Have you considered the intangible ways in which your brand adds value to the consumer?
Q # 4: Do you have a vision or dream for your brand? Do you know what you'd like it to become well into the future?
Q # 5: Does your brand embody certain beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours that evoke widespread admiration and devotion?
Q # 6: Do you have absolute clarity regarding what your brand stands for and how it is unique and compelling to consumers?
Q # 7: Is your brand's promise believable?
Q # 8: Have you established brand strategies that are consistent with the brand's promise product, pricing, distribution, communications, etc.?
Q # 9: Do you conduct periodic communications audits to monitor adherence to corporate brand identity standards?
Q # 10: Is your brand differentiated in at least one highly relevant and compelling way?
Q # 11: Does your brand invite people into its world? Is it inviting and engaging?
Q # 12: Do your marketing programs communicate brand essence, promise, personality, and other intended associations?
Q # 13: Does every decision, action and communication produced by your organization reinforce your brand's essence, promise, personality and positioning?
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